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Now in beta, Aphrite is building Pose Search, the Search Engine for Pose Reference. If you're a character designer, 3D artist, fashion designer, or just want to practice figure drawing, this is for you.


Pose Search is Aphrite's state-of-the-art search engine for pose reference, designed for character designers, 3D artists, and fashion designers. It offers a wide-ranging catalog of high-quality pose reference to aid in sketching, modeling, or designing, providing results tailored to your creative needs.

Pose Search serves a wide array of creative professionals and enthusiasts, especially character designers, 3D artists, and fashion designers, as well as aspiring artists interested in figure drawing. Its intuitive interface and rich content make it an essential tool for professional and personal artistic development.

Yes, the core functionality of Pose Search is currently available for free!

Pose Search works in two parts. On our end, we spend days adventuring the Internet, hunting down the best pose reference images. We then index and curate these, using our AI powered pose indexing technology. On your end, you just pose the mannequin the way you want and hit search! We do the rest. We're constantly working to improve our search algorithm, so if you have any feedback, please let us know!

Yes! We welcome new image contributions. To contribute, send us an email at theo@aphrite.com with a CSV file containing URLs to your images and their original web locations. This format helps us correctly attribute the images to you.

We're also developing a Partners' Portal where you can register images, track their usage, and view performance analytics, similar to Google Search Console for pose references.

Unlike general image search engines, Pose Search is specifically optimized for finding pose references. Its specialized indexing algorithm and user interface are designed to provide more efficient and effective search results for artists and designers.

Pose Search is currently only available on desktop. We are developing mobile tools that will integrate with the desktop version to enhance accessibility and functionality on mobile devices.

Tutorials and guides are in the works! If you're a YouTuber interested in creating a tutorial or video about Pose Search, please contact us. We'll feature your content on our website and help spread the word.

Curious about future features or have suggestions? Contact us at theo@aphrite.com. We're eager to hear your ideas and feedback to enhance Pose Search!

Commercial use of images from Pose Search depends on the terms set by each image's owner. We recommend reviewing the specific copyright terms associated with each image. For more information on search engines and copyright, check out this Google resource.

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